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Meet Bob

Bob was on his way back home to his property in Mt. Alfred when he noticed the fire storm towering in the distance. “It was about 2km high in the sky this front, and there was a tall spiral of fire and gas that in an instant fell across the river and burnt everything in it’s way.”

Bob in front of his burnt property (picture taken by Rocky Sutherland)

Bob was blocked at a road junction and couldn’t visit his property for two days after the fires had ceased to check what was left remaining at his property, including his livestock and dogs.

“Everything I owned was destroyed. The fire left the cows and the grass in the valley but my cottage, farm equipment, motorbikes and sheds were all gone. All my life in ashes.”

“The dogs managed to get loose of their collars except Sammy who had been badly burnt but she’s recovered well. She’s actually sitting at my feet right now,” he said.

Melted motors in the shed (picture taken by Rocky Sutherland)

The one shed that did remain had all its

contents burnt, motors from machinery melted and poured out of the shed like an aluminium stream.

Currently, Bob lives on the property in a caravan with limited access to amenities. Dudley, who also lives on the farm, for the time being has moved to another property until their Habitat temporary home is delivered.

“I’ve been lucky to have had a lot of help since the fires and I’m really looking forward to the temporary home being set up on site. It will be good to have a base, somewhere we can both spread out that is comfortable and convenient…a home to live in,” said Bob.

Though the home he will build won’t be filled with 76 year’s worth of treasures, it will be a home to create new memories on the property that he has nurtured for nearly thirty years.

Habitat for Humanity Victoria are grateful we can provide Bob and Dudley a safe and secure place to live whilst they rebuild. Bob, along with his friend Dudley are one of the recipients of our Build Back temporary homes, made from shipping containers. These houses are providing much needed shelter to bushfire affected people so that they can remain on their property whilst they begin to rebuild.

To find out more about the Build Back project and see how the containers are being transformed into homes click here.

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